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​Welcome, if this is your first visit, let me explain how I create the art.

Firstly all my work is produced on Ampersand Art panels, Ampersand has developed the most advanced formula for sealing wood to ensure that  artwork remains acid free over time. Every coated Museum Series panel is protected by a proprietary Archiva-Seal barrier technology that prevents support induced discolouration and makes Ampersand panels truly archival.

The two surfaces I use are Claybord Smooth and Scratchbord, unusual spelling I know but it's a brand thing! Claybord is a panel with several coats of Kaolin clay and sanded to a blemish free finish. Scratchbord is the same but is covered in a layer of India ink.

Now the paint or ink, fluid acrylics from E'tac are my go to for almost all of my work, the smoothness and gouache like quality make this a dream to work with. Unusually this paint is erasable and re-wettable, both qualities that I have embraced over the years. I can achieve super vibrant colours as well as muted tones and dense, dense black.

The tools I use are many and varied but basically perform the same function. One set to apply the paint and one set to remove.

I apply the paint or ink using an airbrush, I haven't used a paint brush on an of my work for quite a few years, finding the control of the airbrush more effective and it lends itself to my erasing techniques. Removing the paint or ink is done with erasers, blades, sponges, steel wool, the list is endless, if I can achieve a specific texture or effect with something I will use it!

Traditional erasers come in lots of shapes, sizes and textures, each have their uses. Mostly I uses Faber Castell pencil erasers, the come in two types, white - hard and pink -soft. I am hoping to create more videos on my technique to give you a better understanding of this quite unique style. Of course if you want to know more just ask! In the meantime, please have a look at this one below.

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