Leopard, 16 x 12 inches unframed, scratchboard and acrylic inks.
The Waiting Game LR
20 inches by 16 inches unframed, scratchboard and India Ink.
Turn down the heat
7 inches by 5 inches, scratchboard and India ink.
36 by 48 inches painted on Ampersand Claybord smooth. Fully framed and ready to go to a new home. Please contact me direct for more details.
8x8 scratchboard and acrylics, framed and currently available from Milton Gallery.
16 inches by 12 inches on claybord with acrylics.
Lion cub breaking from from the dark to the light, painted for BloodLions.org, 18x24 inches, for information please contact me direct.
Amur Leopard
8x10 inches on Ampersand Claybord with acrylics, currently for sale direct from the artist (that's me!)
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